We might think someone else needs evidence to know something, but we only need evidence to agree on something, a cooperative agreement in some cases and a forced agreement in others. Dreams might be the royal road to the unconscious, but being unconscious isn’t de rigueur. When someone tells you what happened yesterday, it’s a memory on one level, but on another level it’s a dream.

For example, it can be read as a dream if somebody says, “Yesterday a dog chased me out of my girlfriend’s yard. Said she was keeping that dog for a friend of hers who was getting her fence repaired and didn’t want to leave him in her house because he isn’t house trained.”

While the person telling you this might not know it, that is a dream. It is a pattern of energy which often has a sense of humor. It’s private information about a pattern unfolding in the psyche which your friend may or may not find curious.

The discovery that the psyche is a pattern reading device was an impressive advance in civilization, because it moved our consciousness into an abstract realm. We once removed “the shadow” from a group by putting all our guilt, or sins if you prefer, onto one of them, and doing a blood sacrifice. A brilliant example of shadow removal by sacrificing one person for the survival of the group was in the movie, Master and Commander, when the ship, like that in the Ancient Mariner, was as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. The group shadow was projected onto a young officer, the most different from the others, and he had to be sacrificed. He embraced a cannonball and jumped overboard. Problem solved. But that is a crude solution. A couple of thousand years ago some smart people realized that the same thing can be done with ritual. We don’t have to murder an innocent to remove the shadow. The psyche reads the pattern, and accepts the ritual of a murder of the innocent man who takes on the community shadow in lieu of an actual human sacrifice. The ritual has to be done genuinely to work so that one lost its juice as faith in its efficacy waned. It’s a good idea to know what you’re doing, and why, in these situations.

We can create patterns through ritualized behaviors, and likewise, we know things because we see the pattern level in rituals which are created unconsciously. The psyche is always reading the patterns in the energy field. Sometimes at moments of high emotional charge the separation between sacred and profane time (to borrow Mircea Eliade’s terminology) drops away and they intersect in a moment of synchroniity. A dry cleaner delivers a black dress to the wrong house, where the woman living there has just been told her husband has been killed.

I might dream that in my house the furniture has been arranged oddly and without proper relationship to the space it occupies, and this indicates a problem. It suggests something is being hidden from awareness, repressed, and that this is causing a mental disturbance. But it is the same information if I walk into someone’s house and the living room is full of furniture which has no proper relationship to the space. It is manifestation of the same energy as in a dream. Either one reflects the state of the psyche.

In the energy field from which the material world manifests, what is materializing is visible in its symbolic content. A shift in the field is simultaneous with a counterbalancing shift. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

The evolved consciousness is balance. Moving off balance (in either direction from a split) is negative emotion, and energy is lost because once the ego identity is on one side of a split, the other side of it requires energy to repress. As with a flexed muscle, it loses energy and eventually tires and the unconscious part comes up, usually projected onto other people. This is why the human sacrifice addresses the problem. It allows this projection process to be satisfied. The best story I’ve ever read on this is “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson.

Being in the balance also has consequences, but really good ones. Whether it’s called the flow of the tao or yin yang balance, energy is gained. Nothing has to be denied as real, it just has to be kept on a leash, like a dog that bites. This is the idea behind “resist not your evil.” It isn’t going away, it’s just going unconscious. Get a leash on that puppy. This is the direction of evolution, toward a fully consciousness psyche which sees the patterns without need to split apart, identify with one side, and stay time bound. When we think of time we are really experiencing memory. Without time there is no memory and without memory there is no time. The basic patterns of the psyche are archetypal, which means they connect the sacred and profane realms. Carl Jung said that he didn’t have to believe, he knew. What he knew was that the Self is an archetype which extends into time, but also exists in the absence of time.

This is of course a musing which may or may not amuse. Nothing is true, therefore, everything is permitted. In this musing, dreams are happening all the time. We live inside them. We are traveling through space at unimagined speed, and inside each moment we are a different data point. We can see the psyche by looking at what it manifests, instantly, without needing memory or one-sided evidence.

We are now dreaming that we are locked inside our individual psyches because we are being attacked by an obligate cellular parasite which attaches itself to our lungs. The parasite can’t live without a host. Parasites are like that. The virus is an external condition which has an internal reflection. In time, in memory, it is a logical cause to effect problem. It has other meaning in the symbolic realm. It is a dream that we can’t leave our individual containers without risk, so we are afraid. We wear masks over our mouths to try to make them STFU so that we can use our eyes to see the dream unfolding.

Writing is for me is playing the a piano keyboard. I like the music of the words. I have been a professional magazine writer and newspaper editor.